Honors Chemistry - Practice Tests

Unit Topic Test
Unit 1 Math and Background Information PDF
Unit 2 Matter and Nomenclature PDF
Unit 3 Chemical Reactions PDF
Unit 4 Stoichiometry and the Mole PDF
Unit 5 History of Atomic Structure and Light PDF
Unit 6 The Periodic Table PDF
Unit 7 Bonding and Lewis Structures PDF
Unit 8 Gases PDF
Unit 9 Kinetics PDF
Unit 10 Equilibrium PDF
Unit 11 Acids and Bases PDF
Unit 12 Thermodynamics PDF
Unit 13 Electrochemistry PDF
Unit 14 Organic Chemistry PDF


The pdf files for practice tests are typically uploaded the day before the test. The practice tests are designed for you to find out if you have mastered the material in a chapter the day before the test is given. Instructors will not answer any questions about practice tests until the day of the actual test. That day an answer key will be posted and tutors will be available. It makes no sense for the teacher to show you how to do the test since they are not the ones taking the tests. They are designed for you to do on your own!