Honors & Regular Chemistry - Handouts

Category Handouts
Unit 01 Math and Background Information Lecture Outline
Instructions for Typing Special Characters
Density of Water Lab
Metric Prefixes Handout
Metric #1
Metric #2
Metric #3
Significant Digits Rules
Math for Chemistry
Math for Chemistry #2
Density Problems
Density Lab
Aluminum Foil Lab
Graphing With Excel

How to Make a Good Science Graph

Graphing 1-4

RTQ #1 (Read the Question)
RTQ #2 (Read the Question)
RTG (Read the Graph)
The Art of Solving Problems
Unit 02 Matter and Nomenclature Lecture Outline
Matter Homework
Paper Chromatography Lab
Four Liquids Lab
Nomenclature Simplified
Formula Grid Homework
Formula Grid #2
Formula Grid #3
Formula Grid #4
Chemical Formulas and Nomenclature Homework
Chemical Formulas and Nomenclature Homework #2
Chemical Formulas and Nomenclature Homework #3
Chemical Change Lab

Periodic Table

Deciphering Ionic Charge

Mixtures Activity

Unit 03 Chemical Reactions Lecture Outline
Classes of Chemical Reactions
Equation Balancing Homework
Equation Balancing Homework #2
Equation Balancing Homework #3
Worksheet on Word Equations
Lab for Balancing with Models
Reaction Prediction Homework
Reaction Prediction Homework #2
Reaction Prediction Homework #3
Activity Series Lab
Precipitation Homework
Precipitate Lab
Unit 04 Stoichiometry and the Mole Lecture Outline
Molar Mass Problems
Simple Mole Chart
Simple Roadmap Problems
Simple Roadmap Problems #2
Formula Problems
Counting Atoms Lab
Moles of Iron and Copper Lab
Molarity Worksheet
Molarity #2
Mole Ratio Homework
Mole Ratio #2
Mole Ratio Lab
Moles and Mass in a Chemical Reaction Lab
Excess Reactant Lab
Roadmap Problems #1
More Roadmap Problems
Roadmap Problems #2 Limiting and Excess Reactants
Roadmap Problems #3 Reactions in Solution
Unit 05 History of Atomic Structure and Light Lecture Outline
A History of Atomic Structure on Postage Stamps
The Quantum Story on Postage Stamps
Worksheet on Atomic Structure
Worksheet on Atomic Structure #2
Worksheet on Waves
Electromagnetic Spectrum Worksheet
Electromagnetic Spectrum Worksheet #2
The Bohr Model
The Bohr Model for Regular Chemistry
Isotope Lab
Aufbau Chart
Spectra Lab
Review Questions on Light
Unit 06 The Periodic Table Lecture Outline
Periodicity Homework #1
Periodicity Homework #2
Elements Lab
Periodic Table Videos Lab
Unit 07 Bonding and Lewis Structures Lecture Outline
Bonding Homework
Lewis Dots # 1 Basic Structure
Lewis Dots # 2 VSEPR Theory
Lewis Dots # 3 Dipole Moments
Worksheet on Intermolecular Forces
Shapes of Molecules Handout
Model Building Lab
Hydrogen Bonding Lab
Unit 08 Gases Lecture Oultine
Graphical Analysis Lab
All Gas Law Problems Handouts
Boyle's Law CBL Lab
Absolute Zero Lab
Chemical Properties of GasesLab
Unit 09 Kinetics Lecture Outline
Kinetics Homework #1
Kinetics Homework #2
Kinetics Homework #3
Kinetics Homework #4
Vinegar Lab
Reaction Rates Lab
Iodine Clock Lab
Unit 10 Equilibrium Lecture Oultine
Le Chetalier’s Principle Homework
Le Chetalier’s Principle Homework #2
Le Chetalier’s Principle Lab
Equilibrium Constant Practice
Equilibrium Practice #2

The ICE Box

A Particle View of Equilibrium

Unit 11 Acids and Bases Lecture Oultine
Conjugate Acids and Bases
Acid Base Names
pH Practice #1
pH Practice #2
pH Practice #3
pH Lab
Neutralization Questions
Weak Acid Practice Problems
Acid Dissociation Constant Lab
Microtitration of Acetic Acid
Titration Problems
Titration Problems #2
Titration Lab Experiment
Unit 12 Thermodynamics Lecture Outline
Heat Problems
Heat Problems #2
Phase Change Worksheet
Heating Curve Lab
Phase Change Lab Heat of Fusion
Hess's Law Problems
Hess’s Law Problem #2
Hess's Law Lab
Thermochemistry Vocabulary Assignment
Predicting Thermodynamic Change
Unit 13 Electrochemistry Lecture Outline
Redox Homework #1 "Reactions"
Redox Homework #2 "Reactions in Acid"
Redox Homework #3 "Reactions in Base"
Redox Homework #4 "Electrochemical Cells"
Redox Agents Lab
Electrochemical Cell Lab
Unit 14 Organic Chemistry Lecture Oultine
Functional Group Handout
Identifying Functional Groups
Organic Nomenclature
Organic Nomenclature #2
Organic Reactions #1
Organic Reactions #2
Functional Groups Lab
Isomer Lab
Synthesis of Esters Lab
Organic Reactions Lab
Unit 15 Nuclear Chemistry Lecture Outline
Decay Equation Questions
Half Life Questions
Half Life of a Penny Lab