AP Lecture Outlines & Labs

Topic Lecture Outline Labs
Reactions PDF Flame Tests, Precipitation, Determination of Electrochemical SeriesQualitative Analysis Lab
Stoichiometry PDF Hydrates, Gravimetric DeterminationFormula of a Compound
Gases PDF Molar Mass of a Gas, Molar Volume of a Gas
Thermochemistry PDF Determination of Enthalpy Change
Light/Quantum Mechanics PDF Spectroscopy Lab, Brass Lab
Bonding and Lewis Structures PDF Paper Chromatography
Liquids and Solids PDF IMF Lab
Colligative Properties PDF Molar Mass by Freezing Point Depression
Kinetics PDF Crystal Violet,Rates of Chemical Reactions
Equilibrium PDF Equilibrium Constant, Iron Thiocyanate Wet Lab
Acids and Bases PDF Strong versus Weak Acids, Salt Solutions
Ionic Solutions PDF Buffer LabTitration LabKSP Lab
Thermodynamics PDF None
Electrochemistry PDF Oxidation-Reduction Lab, Redox Titration Lab 
Organic Chemistry PDF Synthesis of an Organic Compound
Inorganic Chemistry PDF Complex Ion Lab, Ligands Lab
Nuclear Chemistry PDF None